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FAQ Carpet Cleaning - Tile Cleaning - Steam Cleaning

  • How is this different from renting a carpet cleaning machine?  Why should I spend more on a professional?
  • Steamworks uses the most powerful vehicles, equipment and cleaning solutions. Our certified technicians are trained to choose the best products and cleaning methods for your home surfaces. Our 10 step cleaning process results in maximum soil and spot removal.
  • Do you guarantee your work?
  • Of course! We have a 30 day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • I have small children that crawl on the carpets. Is your cleaning method safe?
  • Absolutely. Ask us about our certified Green Cleaning Products and our Steam Cleaning methods to clean your home so deep - even the air quality improves!
  • My tile is discoloured, but I don’t want to have to replace it.  Can you do anything?
  • Yes - we are the experts in tile cleaning, sealing and protection. We can also change the color of your grout to give a newer, refreshed appearance to your tile floors.
  • We have a high traffic area in our work and the carpet gets really dirty.  Do you have any extra strength cleaning available?
  • We have a carpet restoration service for heavily soiled and stained carpets. Call us before you spend big money replacing those carpets!
  • Why is steam cleaning different?
  • Steam Cleaning is much more effective than spray and suck or other methods of cleaning carpets and hard surfaces. Deep steam cleaning will kill bacteria, pollen, dust mites, molds and odors that can invade your home.
  • How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
  • It depends on the traffic, staining, and other factors. We recommend at least twice a year to keep your home clean and fresh.
  • Does regular cleaning wear out the carpets?
  • No. Our method of cleaning can help prolong the life of your carpet.
  • Is the person that comes to my house trained?
  • Absolutely! Steamworks is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration. All of our cleaning experts attend IICRC courses and receive regular addtional training on all the latest cleaning techniques and products.
  • Our mattress is stained and has a bit of an odour. Do you clean mattresses?
  • Yes. We deep clean mattresses using steam to help kill bacteria, pollens, dust and odours trapped inside.
  • I have a rug that is a family heirloom.  Is it safe to clean?
  • Our certified area rug cleaning technicians can determine the best and safest way to clean any carpets in your home.
  • Why is dryer vent cleaning necessary if I take the lint out regularly?
  • Dust and debris can build up in your dryer vents, cusing your dryer to work harder, consume more energy and cause a potential fire hazard.
  • The air in my house smells stale and slightly musty.  Is there anything that can be done?
  • Yes. The experts at Steamworks can recommend cleaning solutions (carpets, air ducts, tile, etc.) that get your home so clean - even the air quality improves. Plus, our cleaning products leave a fresh, clean citrus scent.
  • Do you do the service, or contract out to other firms like the big stores do?
  • We do all the work ourselves. You deal with our friendly, courteous staff from start to finish.
  • I have seen flyers for whole house cleaning for $99.  Why are they so cheap?
  • Those comapnies offer Spray-Suck-and-Go methods of cleaning that are low quality and ineffective. We use deep steam cleaning and premium cleaning products. We offer several price point packages to suit different budgets and cleaning needs. See the SteamWorks Video for more information.
  • My real estate agent said I will not be able to sell my home with the state of the tiles and carpets.  Will cleaning make a difference?
  • Yes. We are specialists in cleaning for home stagers, house sellers and purchasers of resale homes. Call us before you spend a lot of money replacing the floors in your home. We also offer carpet restoration services and grout color change services.
  • I have a new baby and do not want harsh chemicals in my home.  Are your cleaning solutions non toxic and safe for children?
  • Yes. We have green certified cleaning products that are citrus based and safe for the whole family.
  • The shower in our home is filthy and the grout is dirty.  Can you clean shower tile?
  • Yes. We can deep clean most hard surfaces including showers, counters and tile. We also offer a grout color change service to make your tile appear fresh and renewed.
  • My walkway and driveway are dirty and dull looking.  Do you clean outside surfaces too?
  • Yes. Call us to clean your walkways, driveways, patios and pool decks.
  • The grout in my kitchen is dark in some areas and light in others.  Can you do anything for that?
  • Yes. We are the experts in tile and grout cleaning. We can clean, seal and protect - or even change the color of your grout for a fresh, new look.
  • We were given some sofas for the kids’ dorm room.  Is there a way to sanitize them since they are used?
  • Absolutely! We can deep clean all fabric upholstery, remove stains and even put on a protective sealer.
  • Is there anything I should do to prepare for my carpet cleaning appointment?
  • Yes. Please see our page on preparing for your cleaning appointment to get the most efficient service.

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